Safe Electrical System Repairs and Installations

Most homes and businesses need two different types of electrical installations. The first is new wiring – installing of new wires for every part of your home or business.

Whether the wiring is for electrical or communication purpose, having an experienced professional perform the installation is the best way to guarantee results.

The other type of installation is more temporary but is still extremely important. This is the installation of new appliances. From ceiling fans to washing machines, every major appliance or fixture is a little different.

If you want to make sure your appliance will last for years without giving you problems, call DTS Mechanical today! We also provide 24-hour emergency services.
Electrical Wiring

A Wide Array of Electrical System and Wiring Installations

Do you have an old system that needs a jump-start, or are you looking to make a few upgrades? Whether it's in your home or at your office, we will deliver the reliable electrical repair and wiring service you need at an unbeatable price. Some of our electrical solutions include:
  • Wiring for new construction and renovations
  • Lighting, fixture, and appliance installations
  • Residential and commercial generator wiring
  • Telephone and networking cable installations
  • Entertainment system wiring and installations
  • Spas, pools, and Jacuzzi wiring and installations
Electrical Wiring

Give Your Old Home a New Life With the Latest Electrical Wiring

Many older homes make use of outdated wiring and infrastructure. If your home still has a fuse box or features exposed wiring in open spaces, give our team a call.

We can make your house safer and more convenient with new additions such as breaker panels or new wiring. For your protection, we have our business fully licensed.
Call us today to get a FREE estimate on our wiring services.
Your electrical system gives power to every other part of your home or business. If it's not doing its job correctly, you can't do yours. Call us today, and we will fix any problems or install anything needed.
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